Wikifesto Reflections

Programs and Manifestoes on 20th-century architecture

Reflecting off of the passage, I noticed that the writer greatly detests everything that people are attempting to strive for in today’s architectural context. When Ulrich Conrad begins on the notion of Futurist architecture, he states how:

“It is a question of creating the Futurist house according to a sound plan, of building it with the aid of every scientific and technical resource, of fulfilling to the limit every demand of our way of life and our spirit, of rejecting everything grotesque, cumbrous, and alien to us (tradition, style, aesthetic, proportion), establishing new forms, new lines, a new harmony of profiles and volumes, an architecture whose raison d ‘etre lies solely in the special conditions of modern life, whose aesthetic values are in perfect harmony with our sensibility. This architecture cannot be subject to any law of historical continuity. It must be as new as our frame of mind is new.”

In congruence with the above passage, I personally believe that the greater, more well-known architects are producing everything that he claims Futurist is to the fullest extent. Architects today are using every scientific and technical resource to design with the help of the various 3D modeling software. They are “establishing new forms, new lines, a new harmony of profiles and volumes…” And lastly, granted architects will always look back at the works of their proceeding successful architects, they always strive for a design that isn’t “subject to any law of historical continuity”.

So, considering what Ulrich claims to be Futurist architecture is nearly exactly what present day design consists of, it’s difficult for me to envision precisely what he sees the future of architecture as. One of the main lines from this passage: “Architecture is breaking free from tradition. It must perforce begin again from the beginning” really spoke to me and reminded me of everything that I see in today’s architectural aesthetic. Designers today are venturing off into the worlds of fragmentation and deconstructivism, pushing the elements of design and seeing what they can get away with, with the help of new architectural principles and engineering aid, as well as highly intellectual software. After reading the passage, I’m still puzzled at what Ulrich really “wants” for the future of architecture, and how today differs from what he has already claimed Futurist to be.


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: Technology and Architecture

This was a very short passage, but extremely powerful and relative in our time as architects. Architects today are so heavily immersed in the aid of technology that, in my opinion, they lose their true craft as a designer. Architects are supposed to design with their heart and mind, what speaks to them, and what comes to them in their dreams. I feel today architects are so heavily entranced by technology that they let it rule their mind and creative genius.


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: On Form and Architecture

From this short passage, the following quote really spoke to me. “Form as a goal always ends in formalism. For this striving is directed not towards an inside, but towards an outside. But only a living inside has a living outside.” As a new designer, even I can admit that I tend to focus on the exterior of the building far more than the interior. I feel like if I have a good exterior design then the interior will just “work”. This is not the case. I completely agree with Mies in the fact that the interior and exterior design must be harmonious, and only then will they work as one.